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     I am a Social Media. In addition to twittering, and posting to my blog. I  somehow manage to Host  a radio show at least four times a week , under the category of Self Help. It is a Family,  Consumer And Science and Education show.  By the way that brings me to my Profession of a Developmental Therapist in the field of Early Invention Prevention.In In the field of Psycho-Therapy and  Special Education; Early Intervention Prevention.  I observe the actions of children in the setting of  Early Intervention. finally,  I work in the field of Early Literacy Coaching. I coach other teacher on using best practices for introducing good children's literature.  I advocate on behalf of these Special Populations simply, because they can't help themselves.. I give  the  voiceless a voice by speaking out on their behalf.  In order  to help them solve problems in their life such as, grief therapy, disconnectiveness, low self esteem, Attachment and Unattachment issues,  ADHD, With Hyperactivity and without. I have been working  very hard lately  on a new project in order to put together a team  of professions in the field of Play Therapy in order to aide and assist infant and toddlers, and school age children  from the court room benchs.  The  name of my  show is  "Care To Read"?   It originally started off beinging a real neat place where Teachers,Developmental Therapist, Play Therapist, Literacy Coaches Social Worker. Counselors  could hang out and play by net-working on the topic of families and children in crisis. They could just go and recline their legs up and perhaps  get a  few winks  or two of sleep,  in between classes, or perhaps even obtain a valuable  lesson  or two on the best practices on the subject of African American Children the Early Literacy. Also in reading and Multicultural lesson plans in the classroom.  Some   of the teacher were even  led to  believe that they could  actually  pick up a few credits for the Training of the Trainer, Also would you believe it! They really believe that their back in school once again!!  While they are there  they can actually catch on some paper work.  Then there are those who come looking for that so, badly needed  reading  clock hours, in order to renew their credentials.  Shame on them!  The hardest part, about my job appears to be  just finding excellent candidates who are willing to be committed to just following through with the scheduled interview.  Sometime I feel like  I am losing my grip or  perhaps my cutting edge..  To be honest I would prefer to just pre-arrange the topics  ahead of time and just invite my friends into the room in order to have a discussion on the highlighted topics for that month.  I want you to know ,that I am not giving up!  However,  it may even sound like I am complaining a bit perhaps , about the responsibilities of my  hosting gig, but,  really I am not!  I am actually self analyzing myself.  I want to be politically correct at all times.  I really feel that, if I  "Self Actualized," myself then it would be good for my soul      I want to be all, that I can be for my listening audience!  The good news is that  I have decided to change my style around a bit. However,  don't asked me  just how I  planning on doing  that right now!?  I have not figured that all out just yet!  However, I was thinking ,that I would solicit for your  suggestions.  You may post your comments on my blog randomly , if you like every once  and , while that sure would be nice . I certainly would welcome the suggestions of topics , that you feel would make for a good discussion, throughout the months  Thanks for listening Odabo!


    November 2011
    October 2011